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My name is Nathalie Fiset and I am thrilled that you have found my website. I am a family medical doctor and I am also a certified hypnotherapist and using my skills I have produced the most complete and powerful program allowing a natural and peaceful child birth using hypnosis.

Hypno-Beginning© provides the opportunity to give your unborn baby the gift of a natural and peaceful birth and if you are an expectant couple then this method was created just for you!

Many of your questions are answered below, and please do visit the Testimonial page where so many new parents have taken the opportunity to express their delight with the Hypno-Beginning© program. Natural child birth using hypnosis - a truly wonderful welcome gift for your new baby!

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Natural Birth with Hypnosis image

Is natural child birth using hypnosis a new trend? Will we be guinea pigs if we use this for the birth of our child?

Hypnosis has been used for natural child birth for a very long time. It was commonly used in the nineteenth century before Ether was introduced in obstetrics and surgery. Even before that period, men and women instinctively went into a deep focused and relaxed state whenever they needed their bodies to perform certain tasks. They just did not know then that they were using hypnosis.

With all the technology modern medicine has to offer, why would anyone consider child birth without receiving all the potent drugs available?

Pregnancy is a very special time and we always have to keep in mind that there is a very precious and vulnerable person involved: THE BABY. The placenta relays all the nutrients and oxygen the baby needs but although it acts as a filter, most drugs cross its barrier and are transmitted to the baby. The book Medications and Mothers' Milk classifies drugs with their potential risks to the baby. Without going into details, we can say that the classification goes from A to X, an "A" being a drug that has no effect on the baby whatsoever. Counting the over-the-counter common pills we take like Tylenol, Advil, Gravol, Maalox, can you guess how many medications are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy and are classified class "A"? The answer is "0"! So, besides water, a breath of fresh air and love, we have to be careful what we expose our unborn babies to.

Natural Birth with Hypnosis imageThis is the reason so many expectant couples choose to avoid taking drugs during pregnancy and especially labor and opt for a natural child birth.

I don't want to be a "zombie" during the birth of my baby. If I choose a natural child birth using hypnosis, will I remember all that happened or will I miss out on such a precious moment?

Hypnosis is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. Many famous athletes such as Tiger Woods use hypnosis regularly (if you look at him when he plays, he just seems deeply focused, not in a distant galaxy). The state of mind that hypnosis brings you into has been described as being "in the zone" by many athletes; that is to say that you are deeply focused and living the experience to its fullest. Isn‚t this exactly what everyone wants for that special day when their baby is born?

Our program will also allow you to achieve, by practicing and mastering self-hypnosis, eyes-opened hypnosis. You will additionally be able to talk and move around during your labor and use all the other important tools to obtain a peaceful and natural child birth using hypnosis. These tools include: using the tub or Jacuzzi, massages, changing positions frequently and using gravity to aid the baby‚s descent.

Natural Birth with Hypnosis imageAre there side effects to natural child birth using hypnosis for me or my baby?

We are happy to say that there will be many side effects to our program, all positive! Many women and their spouses who use hypnosis for child birth report the side effect of sleeping better.

By practicing hypnosis, they are calmer and fall asleep much more easily at night. This is because they have acquired a life-long tool that enables them to relax and be able to push-away their worries when the time comes to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. This also comes into play when they need to be calm and focused at work.

I have often noticed the radiant glow women are displaying when they come to their one-month after birth visit. They are very proud to have achieved using their own powerful capacities a natural child birth with hypnosis. This very often raises their confidence to a new level and is another interesting side effect frequently seen.

There are also side effects to the baby. By not having been exposed to slowing-down drugs, the baby is more calm yet alert and is ready to face its new life alongside its very proud parents.

natural child birth using hypnosis image natural childbirth using hypnosis impage

What will be the role of my spouse in all this if I am in hypnosis on my own?

Although you will have mastered the art of self-hypnosis and will be able to achieve a great deal on your own, your spouse will have a very active role in helping you during the birthing process. After all, those nice massages, that refreshing face cloth, and especially those very encouraging and inspiring positive reinforcing messages from your spouse will be immensely helpful. You can think of your spouse as the trainer who follows the athlete during a marathon. Although the athlete would have finished the marathon and is the one doing the running, the trainer is the one who makes it more enjoyable and easier.

I have heard and read many times that there is a certain percentage of the population who cannot be hypnotized. What if I am one of them? How can I know if I cannot get into hypnosis? Is there a test I can do?

Natural Birth with Hypnosis imageWe happen to think that everyone is hypnotizable. The notions that women are more hypnotizable than men, that 10% of the population will never be hypnotized, etc., is incorrect. All of these unverified notions have been promoted when a person did not go into hypnosis. The truth of the matter is that no one can put you in hypnosis against your will because you always keep your own free will. The other truth is that if you know that going into hypnosis will help you achieve a great, peaceful and fulfilling child birth, you will achieve hypnosis very easily. People tend to over-analyze what "being in hypnosis" feels like. To sum it up, one could say it is similar to being in love. You are not different, but you are not the same either. Again, just like love, it is a pleasant feeling that you will want to experience regularly once you have experienced it.

One obstacle in reaching the state of hypnosis is if you have a tendency to over-analyze what you are feeling and what you think you should be feeling and when you analyze what you think you should be feeling...well, you get it! The trick to enjoying hypnosis to its fullest is to allow it to happen, to let go and enjoy the moment. No two people experience hypnosis the same way because we are all different. Furthermore, what you will experience will vary from one hypnosis session to the next. The range of what you will experience can vary from hearing and recalling every word you encounter while in hypnosis to „taking off‰ to a very pleasant and distant paradise...the choice will be yours!

If you still have doubts about "being able to go in hypnosis", let us re-assure you. You go in hypnosis regularly every day. For example, when you are watching television and you jump when there is a sudden noisy action, when you cry when your favorite character dies (but you know that you will see this actor again in another movie, very soon), when you lose track of time while reading a very good book, when you miss your exit on the highway while driving because you "spaced out" for a while, etc. As you can see, hypnosis is a natural, pleasant state of mind that we all experience regularly.

Now, imagine that if we can do major surgeries, such as abdominal surgeries or amputations, with hypnosis as the sole anesthesia, what can be achieved for child birth using hypnosis. The possibilities are infinite.

Will there be times when your program will not work?

Natural Birth with Hypnosis imageThe two major obstacles to natural child birth using hypnosis are (1) Doubts about hypnosis and, even worse, (2) Self-doubt about your abilities. For this reason, we have included in our complete program ways to build your self-confidence and ways that will enable you to protect yourself from down-talking people. After all, they have experienced a painful, stress-filled, most likely negative child birth, so why would you enjoy anything better? In our program, you will build a protective bubble around yourself, your baby and your spouse and will be able to repel any negativity and down-talking. Believe us - you will encounter plenty of skepticism.

Why bother to go through all this preparation and time-investment when there are so many drugs available that have the power to "numb" me through the whole child birthing process?

Some couples might choose to have their babies "delivered". That is to say, to entirely rely on the medical personnel to do whatever it takes to get the baby out, and that‚s just fine for them. For the others who wish to participate actively and live to the fullest, the marvelous experience of accompanying the passage of their baby into this world, hypnosis has proven to be a great natural and fulfilling tool. We have to keep in mind that the more drugs and interventions, the more the baby is exposed to all this. We know that many medications have proven very detrimental to babies, drugs such as D.E.S. and Thalidomide. Some people might argue that now the laws are very strict in controlling side-effects of medication sand potential harms. This is unfortunately not the truth. We don‚t have to look very far to see the example of a certain anti-inflammatory that has been taken off the market after it might have caused as much as a 140,000 cardiovascular accidents among its users. The final verdict on the relation between the use of this medication and the alleged deaths is yet to come but wouldn't you agree that in the mean time we should expose our little babies to the least possible drugs?

Natural Birth with Hypnosis imageWhat are the ways we can use hypnosis to have a more comfortable and pleasant yet natural child birth?

There are many ways:

1) The most complete one is by attending hypnosis for child birth classes like our Hypno-Beginning© program which has the power to teach you self-hypnosis and prepare you for a great natural child birth. You will have a good summary of our program in the next section so keep reading!

2) Attending sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist who can help you in preparing for the birth. We recommend that you make certain this hypnotherapist is qualified in teaching natural child birth using hypnosis. If you have the opportunity to have the therapist with you during the child birthing process, that is wonderful. We are hopeful that we will see more hypnotherapists in the delivery rooms alongside the happy couple.

3) If you do not wish to participate in classes or you are prevented from attending (if you are on complete bed rest or live in an area where no classes are available) listening to self-hypnosis recordings can be a very interesting alternative and the results will surprise you!

Baby Carter 22 weeks
Baby Carter at 22 weeks in utero-3D picture

Can you tell me about your program? How is it different from all the other hypnosis for childbirth programs available?

First, it has been designed by a family doctor who has attended more than two thousand births (many of them natural, many of them with the help of hypnosis) who teamed-up her medical experience with her hypnosis knowledge to "conceive" a complete method for using hypnosis as a tool for natural child birth. By knowing the reality of a hospital birth and by adapting our program to it (by not trying to change the whole medical team‚s vocabulary for example), we were able to offer a program that you will be able to use even if some circumstances are not 100% natural which is so rarely the case anyway.

The spine of our program is the five 5P's

1) Programming. From very early in life, a woman is programmed to think that child birth is a very painful and hard experience she has to go through to have her baby. It doesn't have to be this way and more and more couples have proven this fact. The first step is then to remove the negative programming you have in your mind concerning child birth. This implies from your part that you will not expose yourself to negative influences whether they be stressful television shows about births, those complete pregnancy books that insist on warning you of all the potential dangers you are incurring every day of your pregnancy. Even those "oh so thoughtful" people who mean well but just want to warn you about all the negative things that can happen to you and your baby. When this happens, and believe us, times when well-intended people will try to influence you into fear and doubt will happen, think of us, smile and also remember that there are over 6 billion human beings on earth. Child birth is the most natural and normal phenomenon possible and a baby is born every second. How you choose to live it is entirely up to you!

Once we have removed the negative programming, we will help you and your spouse input new positive and powerful new programs because as you know nature does not like void. So if we created a void, we have to fill it because your subconscious might be tempted to fill it with whatever negative programming it encounters. Again, you will have to do your part and expose yourself to very positive influences. Turning-off the television will be a great start!

Natural Birth with Hypnosis image2) Practice self-hypnosis:there are three keys to successfully being able to achieve self-hypnosis. They are: practice, practice, and practice. Hence, only by practicing will you be able to go into hypnosis rapidly and repeatedly, going deeper every time. You will also be exposed to practice in different situations because let‚s face it, in real life,not everybody whispers and talks positively about child birth. You will learn self-hypnosis and your spouse will be trained to be your re-enforcer and together you will have the power to bring your little baby into the daylight in a marvelous way.

3) Protective bubble: Many couples prepare well but suffer sabotage from their family, co-workers or the medical staff (yes we admit it). By building this protective shield around your little family-to-be, you will be able to accomplish your goal. One piece of advice here: Many hospitals allow the couple to invite whoever they want for the child birth. Choose wisely! It is very hard to be focused and relaxed when a person is bombarding you with negatives messages which can, on the long run, destabilize you enough to a point where you doubt that you have the capacities to achieve an easy, natural child birth. Our very important piece of advice here is that if there is another person present at birth, make certain this person is supportive of your venture.

4) Pushing: It‚s great to be relaxed and your baby will show appreciation for your openness by placing itself more rapidly and comfortably. With the help of our program, you will have the power to help your baby in its journey through your birth canal in the most pleasant and powerful way.

5) Powerful anesthesia: By now, you know that you can achieve an amazing level of anesthesia while enjoying every moment of your birth, with the help of your own mind. You will be amazed how you can achieve such a level of body control and, yes, you get to keep this tool for life!