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Since we started using hypnosis for childbirth, the media's interest has been very encouraging. Here is an overview of what has happened since the launching of my first web site in january 2005

March 2005 : Bilingual conference on the benefits of modern hypnosis at the Anna-Laberge hospital in Chateauguay, Canada.Guest speaker Steve G. Jones (

March 17th 2005 : Participation in the French program „Deux filles le matin‰ to talk about hypnosis for childbirth.

June 2005 : Bilingual conference on the benefits of modern hypnosis and preview of hypnosis program for childbirth. Anna-Laberge hospital, Chateauguay, Canada.

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June 2005 : Beginning of collaboration with French web site on maternity with first article on Steptococcus B in pregnancy.

August 2005 : Contribution to article on alternative positions during birth in the magazine Enfants Québec. Ref: LOUIS, Sylvie. "Quelle position choisir pour accoucher?", Le Magazine Enfants Québec, Vol 18 no 1, août-septembre 2005, p. 26.

September 2005: Television program on hypnosis on „Jeux de société‰,Canal Vie, Québec.

October 14th 2005: Presentation of hypnosis for childbirth program Hypno-Beginning© at Anna-Laberge hospital, Chateauguay, Canada.

In June 2007, on Yahoo Ask, I posed the following question:

- Do you feel like childbirth is overmedicalized today? With the increasing cesarean rates, epidurals and all, do you feel like childbirth is unecessairily overmedicalized?

... and here are the responses:  

Answerer 1
I don't know .. But I'm getting the epidural!

Answerer 2
Yes and sometimes I want to punch my doctor square in his face, I already told him I dont want anymore stupid blood tests, I just want pregnancy to take its course, how GOD intended it!

Answerer 3

I think there is a lot of unnecessary C-sections.

It is cruel to deny anyone pain relief while in labor. That is comparable to denying someone pain relief while in surgery or for a broken bone

Answerer 4
Yes its very over medicalized! Ve had 2 babies and one on the way each were with midwives and totally natural. I plan on having them all this way!

So are vaccinations! They cause more harm than good from what I've been reading. If anyone wants to check it out for themselves, check out the book: VACCINATIONS- TRAGEDY AND DECEPTION, by Michael Dye.

Answerer 5
I don't like the idea of being able to have a cesarean because you don't want to go through child birth. It's fine for medical reasons, but I think child birth is a natural thing and it happens that way for a reason. Who knows what damage you could cause by having an unnecessary cesarean! I hear it can cause scaring in the uterus that can affect your chances of conceiving a second time.

Answerer 6
I agree. I just had my second child via c-section, just like her older sis. A nurse told me that since they started watching the fetal heart monitor more and more, the number of c-sections have risen. My first daughter was squeezing her cord causing her heart beat to drop. Second one was pulling cord from placenta. If there is distress, I can understand c-sections....but I could not have handled labor without some sort of pain medication. Maybe I'm a wimp....but I would not have minded natural birth if I had been given a choice(but it might have prevented me from having any more kids).

Answerer 7

Yes and No!

Yes I think scheduling a C-section so you won't have a natural childbirth is unnecessary and should not be allowed or at least have it as an elective surgery that is covered at a lower rate than regular childbirth.

No, I do not think the use of an epidural is anything to be ashamed of. I personally used one and have not qualms about it. I went as long as I could, and in the end I had a 10 lbs. 8 oz. baby along with a 4th degree tear. I was glad that I had the epidural on board and I would do it again if the next one was going to be just as big.

Answerer 8

- Re: Answerer 1: "I don't know .. but I'm getting the epidural!"

Oh, my.
Yes, I do think so, and I'm also inclined to believe it's got as much to do with bimbos as it has to lazy OBs and over-eager lawyers. I hope she enjoys her episiotomy and litany of iatrogenic complications.

and more to come!

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