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June, July, August, September 2005 : Working on the Hypno-Beginning© program, web site and doing private hypnosis sessions with patients after regular office hours.

September 24th 2005: First training of instructors for the very special price of 60$ (price of material only). Location: Clinique Familiale Chateauguay, Québec. Subscription: 450-699-1301. See our „Classes‰ section for more details.

October 1st to 9th 2005 : Dr Fiset will be on a medical mission in Mexico.

October 14th 2005 : Free bilingual conference on the benefits of modern hypnosis and presentation of our Hypno-Beginning© program in rooms A, B and C at Anna Laberge hospital in Chateauguay at 19:30. Places limited. Subscription mandatory at:450-699-1301 or send me an email with number of persons.

October 18th 2005: First Hypno-Beginning© classes taught by a certified instructor at Clinique Familiale Chateauguay. Register at 450-699-1301. French or English separate classes available.


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