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Hello Nathalie,
This is it...I have broken the ice!
I just gave my first Hypno-Beginning© class today.
As a result: the mother is amazed, the father is a true believer..and the instructor is totally wowed! I am looking forward to the next class!

Diane, Certified Hypno-Beginning© Instructor

Classes are forming to be taught in Châteauguay, Québec right now.

To register, phone 450-699-1301 or send me an email.

Costs are $200 per couple for 4 two-hour classes. All the materials (book, CDs, etc.) are included. Availability is limited. REGISTER NOW! Separate French and English classes are available according to the needs. If you do not find a class in your area yet, know that I am working on it! In the mean time, an acceptable alternative is to take our home study course.

Certifications in the Hypno-beginning program by Nathalie Fiset MD,CH are available. A once in a lifetime oportunity! Pre-requisite for taking the course is a certification in hypnotherapy and a background in childbirth. Contact us for details.


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