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In The News

Since we started using hypnosis for childbirth, the medias‚ interest has been very encouraging. Here is an overview of what has happened since the launching of my first web site in january 2005 www.aperfectharmony.com

March 2005 : Bilingual conference on the benefits of modern hypnosis at the Anna-Laberge hospital in Chateauguay, Canada.Guest speaker Steve G. Jones (www.stevegjones.com).

March 17th 2005 : Participation in the French program „Deux filles le matin‰ to talk about hypnosis for childbirth.

June 2005 : Bilingual conference on the benefits of modern hypnosis and preview of hypnosis program for childbirth. Anna-Laberge hospital, Chateauguay, Canada.

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June 2005 : Beginning of collaboration with French web site on maternity www.mamanpourlavie.com with first article on Steptococcus B in pregnancy. http://www.mamanpourlavie.com/fr/conseils/statique/conseils_32.html

August 2005 : Contribution to article on alternative positions during birth in the magazine Enfants Québec. Ref: LOUIS, Sylvie. "Quelle position choisir pour accoucher?", Le Magazine Enfants Québec, Vol 18 no 1, août-septembre 2005, p. 26.

September 2005: Television program on hypnosis on „Jeux de société‰,Canal Vie, Québec.

October 14th 2005: Presentation of hypnosis for childbirth program Hypno-Beginning© at Anna-Laberge hospital, Chateauguay, Canada.

and more to come!

In The News