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I was getting very stressed-out by all the horror stories I was hearing on deliveries. On the other hand, I strongly believe in the power of the mind and was convinced that my body possesses everything needed to give birth in a natural and harmonious way. This is exactly what hypnosis for childbirth was offering me. When the big day arrived, I was calm and confident thanks to the hypnosis preparation I had done. My labor went very smoothly and rapidly. We also appreciated very much to be able to live this experience in a calm, peaceful and loving atmosphere. What more can we ask for but to be able to live a similar or even better experience next time?

Isabelle Pagé, television reporter for TVA television and Eliot, 4 months

Nathan For me, giving birth with the help of hypnosis was a revelation My first delivery ended-up in a cesarean section after a long labor of 20 hours and I was very frightened to go through a similar experience. Hypnosis allowed me to realize all my capacities and those of my baby and showed me to trust myself. I wanted to try a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean ) and to be able to live the experience in my entire being, in a natural way. On January 14th 2005 at 2:12 a.m. I finally succeeded! My 9 pounds baby was put in my arms. I am fulfilled and very proud of myself. Choosing hypnosis to give birth to my son was the best decision I have taken in my life!

Marie-Claude Berger, mother of Mathis 2 and a half year old and Nathan 6 weeks

I am a mother of four and sadly only discovered hypnosis for childbirth before the birth of my last child, our son J-C. Although a little skeptical at first, my husband and I decided to attend the classes with an open mind. The results were astounding!

I was able to give birth in a calm and serene setting. The nurse had even thought I was sleeping just a couple of minutes before giving birth.

I was also very pleased with the fact that I kept full control of my body while pushing my baby into this world.

We do have one regret: that we did not know of hypnosis for childbirth before!


I have chosen hypnosis for childbirth because it is a user friendly tool. It helped me manage my fears about giving birth. I am proud to say I made a healthy choice for myself and my baby. Therefore, my baby came into this world gently, calmly, naturally. I thereafter used the method for a quick recuperation. I am mostly proud of my personal accomplishment.

Marleen, mother of Christophe.


I am thrilled to have had my second child, like my first, with the help of hypnosis for childbirth. I am thankful for the calmness and confidence hypnosis provided for both. No drugs. No screaming. I highly suggest it to anyone open to the possibility.

Karen Coombs

Baby Coombs

I used hypnosis for childbirth during my fourth pregnancy. I was then able to compare its efficiency and appreciate its benefits. I was very happy to enjoy half an hour per day of quiet time only for myself. When I was doing the relaxations two weeks before the birth, I could feel my little Naomie gently sliding down. Two hours after my first regular contraction started, my little flower was born in a room where everyone was respectfully whispering. I had a more calm and enjoyable birth. The magic worked! Furthermore, I use what I have learned in hypnosis everyday of my life!

Isabelle Pelletier and Daniel, parents of Gabriel, Cédrik, Sandrine and Naomie.


The Birth of Margot

Hypnosis Child Birth

Today, I felt that the birth was coming. My daughter Virginie was preparing her personal belongings for the hospital, she too knew.

When midnight came, my contractions started softly. I took a bath and started the complete relaxation of my body. I was visualizing my cervix opening like a flower during my contractions. A more relaxed body creates endorphins which enables it to accomplish its work more efficiently and with minimal discomfort.

Then, the contractions came closer together. I was visualizing the switch that I was able to put down in my mind, thus providing me with a powerful anesthesia of my body. I was putting back up a few secondary switches to be able to talk and walk between contractions. I also created my protective bubble to protect me from any exterior disruption. In the beginning, I had included everyone in my bubble but since there was a lot of excitement, I decided to evacuate everyone out of my bubble! I later realized that only my doctor, Nathalie was inside my bubble. I found this to be very reassuring and I would not do it any other way.

After arriving at the hospital, I knew that people were surrounding me but I was able to discard the noise and stay focused. I felt their presence and knew they had a very important role to play. My faith in them was complete. My cervix was then dilated at 4 centimeters but was so soft that it opened easily at seven centimeters during a contraction. I was now in the active phase of labor. Since I had left home, I had someone do an anchoring every time I had a contraction to help me go into a deep state of hypnosis. Hence, at the beginning of every contraction, my husband, my friend or my older daughter would gently press on my right shoulder to guide me into a very comfortable state of hypnosis. I stayed up or leaned against the physio-ball, completely relaxed. My spouse was helping by doing nice pressures on my pelvis which helped a lot to bring comfort to my back.

When I entered the second stage of labor., the one where I was ready to push my baby out, my water broke naturally. I felt a brief moment of panic but Nathalie signaled me to lower my anesthesia lever and go deeper in hypnosis. It worked perfectly!

During the four pushes I did, I followed the descent of Margot. I felt her pushes and followed them.

Once her shoulders were out, I quickly grabbed her and finished her exit like I had previously agreed with Nathalie.

Then, came the time for the nurse to massage my uterus to control the bleeding after the birth. The nurse warned me that this would be painful. Nathalie asked her to wait a second, signaled me again to lower my anesthesia lever and I did not feel this unbearable pain I had felt after my first birth. Then, I had found this to be more painful than the birth but this time I felt nothing uncomfortable.

Margot was born very softly. She was born in a very calm way and was very calm at birth. She still is.

- Sophie Gagnon and Alain

Hypnosis Child BirthUsing hypnosis helps demystify and install confidence in both the pregnant woman and her birth partner. They can give birth naturally as women have been doing since the beginning of time. The practice gives the ability to bring yourself into such a deep relaxation that the mind is able to naturally numb the body.The birth can then take place easily while remaining attentive to the moment. We loved our birthing experience and would not change a thing!

- Josh and Annie

Hypnosis Child BirthUsing hypnosis for childbirth has been an extraordinary revelation for me for many reasons. First, it allowed me to become confident toward the birth and to remove the fear of the unknown. The program also gave me an opportunity to relax everyday. I now know I can achieve anything with the help of hypnosis. I had a calm, peaceful and even happy birth. Right after the birth, I was able to walk and I felt very well. My husband and I were able to enjoy the birth of our little girl with the help of this program. Thanks a lot!

- Divna

Hypnosis Child Birth

Hypnosis for childbirth helped me realize one of my deepest wishes: a 100% natural and comfortable birth. This technique helped me relax and allow my body to accomplish its work. I was so calm and relaxed that people had to look at the monitor to know if I was having a contraction, I looked like I was sleeping! After the birth, all I could say was:" I can't believe it, it's already finished, it went so fast!" My little baby was in my arms, resting peacefully and calmly. Thank you Nathalie for this ideal birth!

- Jacinthe Ironman, mother of Amelie 2 years old and Julien 1 month

Thanks to Dr Nathalie Fiset, I have discovered a new philosophy on childbirth. I was able to give birth to our little angel in a calm and peaceful environment in the most natural possible way. I enjoyed every second of the birth of my first baby. Our daughter was born very softly, with classical music playing in the background. Hypnosis for childbirth made this experience a magical one! Thank you Nathalie!

- Mélanie Gagnon

Hypnosis Child Birth
Picture by "Magenta Studios"

Hypnosis Child BirthHypnosis has given me the confidence for my second birth (and the ones to come...!) The first time, I was submerged by the intensity of my labor and I had a very hard time dealing with the pain. I then asked myself how I could deal with a second birth, especially if I wanted it to be all natural. During my pregnancy, I researched a way to address the fear and the pain, two things that are closely linked. I, then, came across hypnosis. Although I did not know what to expect, I rapidly realized I was developing a powerful tool which could help me stay calm and positive during the birth. It happened exactly that way: I had a very rapid and happy birth. When my son was put into my arms, I realized that I was ready for a third one! Thank you again for everything!

- Mafalda, mother of Layth and Felix

Hypnosis Child BirthI immediately believed in hypnosis for childbirth. It made sense to me. During my labor., I had time to sleep and even dream between contractions. Finally, with the help of hypnosis, I can now tell you that even though I felt all my contractions, it was not that bad at all!

- Sophie, mother of Julien

The biggest contribution of the Hypno-Beginning© program is that it presents birth as a positive experience. Furthermore, hypnosis helped me a lot during the last trimester of my pregnancy; whenever I was tired, half an hour of hypnosis felt more rejuvenating than a full night of sleep.

This program helped me get rid of my fears of giving birth and allowed me to foresee the birth of my son with confidence and positivism. I felt strong.

Hypnosis Child BirthDuring the birth, I was relaxed and focused. I even took many contractions with a smile on my face knowing they were getting me closer to my baby.

I still use many of the hypnosis techniques I have learned when I feel tired or stressed-out. I believe I will keep using them all my life.


- Marie-Pierre Duval

Hypnosis for childbirth is, in my opinion, the best gift future parents can give their little baby:

- A calm and serene pregnancy
- An active participation of the father during the birth
- A happy and natural birth
- A calm and confident baby
- A mentally and physically healthy mother

I sincerely think that every woman should have access to a hypnosis for childbirth program and the government should support it. This would lower the rate of medical interventions during births. I am convinced that everyone would come out a winner from this.

Thank you Nathalie for making me discover this force of nature!

Thanks to my husband and myself for having faith in the method


Nicole Tanguay, mother of Justin and Ludovic

Hello Nathalie
My first group session went very well and I am very proud of myself. The expectant couples are great and I am very happy.

Hurray for the self-confidence hypnosis CD!!! ( I only listened to it 5 times )

Thania, Hypno-Beginning© educator

The self-hypnosis techniques Dr. Fiset taught me worked very well. I was astonished to feel my contractions passing like i was on a cloud. I remember everything but never felt a discomfort to a point I would ask for medications to help me give birth. I felt every contraction like a wave. This allowed me to have the natural birth I desired. I have a beautiful, healthy girl. Thank you very much Dr. Fiset.

Anick Labrosse, Marek Burchard and Maxime Burchard

During my labor, I go so deeply into relaxation that I barely feel my contractions. My whole body is like Jello! I am reassured. The contractions are there but don't hurt me. Besides the discomfort during the pushing part, I lived the ideal birth. I am proud of myself. Hypnosis has been for me like a lighthouse that guided me through my labor. I surpassed myself with the help of hypnosis.

Sophie, Mathieu...and Edouard

Edouard Sophie

After our four private sessions with a Hypno-Beginning© instructor, I understood the benefits and the power of hypnosis. I was able to enjoy these moments of great relaxation and let go. Oliver During labor., I enjoyed listening to the positive messages on the CD and visualizing my protective bubble. My spouse was giving me massages and I was capable of staying calm and very well aware of my body. Most of all, I was able to LIVE THE PERFECT BIRTH I HAD PLANNED! If I had to do it all again, I would not change anything of this fantastic day of February 7th!

Marie-Pierre, mother of Oliver

Veronique, Daniel and JoraneI have always been nervous about going to the hospital without ever knowing the reason why. So, for my delivery, I wanted to prepare myself mentally in order for everything to go great. And this is exactly what happened thanks to hypnosis. I got to the hospital, very calm and relaxed. My preparation helped me foresee this event positively long before it ever happened. The more I practiced, the more confident and calm I became. As a consequence, the delivery went very quickly. Only two hours after being dilated at one centimeter, my daughter was put in my arms, calm and alert. People often asked me where I was during my labor, as I seemed elsewhere...but I have never experienced being so much in the here and NOW! I was completely focused on my womb, with my baby. I could feel her every movement, her every need. I was mentally following her descent, well focused on being relaxed to allow her an easy passage. My delivery happened like I wished, all naturally, without any drugs in a very reassuring and positive environment. Hypnosis allows all this and also brings a nice philosophy on life and a way of thinking.

Thank you for everything and see you in 3 or 4 years!

Veronique, Daniel and Jorane

I am so happy to have learned about the practice of hypnosis. This powerful tool is now part of my everyday life. It helped me throughout my pregnancy, providing me with a special time for myself. During my very short labor, I was able to go briefly to my "perfect place" and keep a certain control. Today, I still find time to go back to this marvelous place and enjoy a quiet time. Only a few minutes of self-hypnosis per day helps me get back on track with my three children and the thrilling rhythm that comes with this wonderful happiness!

Thank you Nathalie!

Sylvie Adams

I've always been afraid to give birth. When the time came to have a baby and I had the chance to have Dr. Fiset as a doctor, I welcomed self-hypnosis into my life. Thanks to hypnosis, my fears related to giving birth, vanished. I knew that everything was going to be alright and my pregnancy went without stress.

I was listening to the hypno-beginning CD's twice per day before giving birth and imagining my favorite place. Because of the CD's, I was looking forward to the day I would give birth. My favorite moment was the pushing part. In less than twenty minutes, my baby was born. Now, I can really appreciate the power of hypnosis. It was pure magic! I felt like I was on a cloud and very calm throughout the whole labor experience.

Laurence, Gregory and Thimeo

MelissaAll of my pregnancies, especially my deliveries, have been the occasion for me to surpass myself. Self-hypnosis strengthened my confidence and gave me the ability to fully live the birth. Just like all those mental preparations athletes do, hypnosis really helped me prepare myself for my best performance ever -the birth of my daughter Raphaelle!

Thank you again,


You came on April 21, precious little treasure. Your father and big brother lovingly watching as I was helping you gently enter this world. Loubna, you brought peace and happiness into our hearts. Together, yes we can feel it, the world will be a better place, filled with flowers and understanding. And, if there is no moon above to witness our joy...we will build one together!

The Kurt-Groulx Family

The Kurt-Groulx Family The Kurt-Groulx Family
The Kurt-Groulx Family The Kurt-Groulx Family
The Kurt-Groulx Family

I wanted to share my experience with you. I had bought the Hypno-Beginning home study course and listened to the CDs many weeks before the birth. I was then able to relax and control the reactions within my body. When my labor started, I felt ready and confident.

I went into the tub when I was dilated at 4 or 5 centimeters and stayed in the water for the rest of my labor. My husband was massaging my back and my sister was refreshing me.

During the whole birthing process, I did not panic, I kept control and did everything at my own pace, without any unnecessary interventions. I had the birth I was dreaming of. I could not have asked for more.

My baby Jonathan surprised everyone when he arrived: he weighed 10 pounds! I did not need any stitches.

I felt very well and full of energy right after the birth.

Valerie Geoffroy

Valerie Geoffroy

I wanted to tell you that I had my bundle of joy on May 11th. He weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces and measured 20 inches. My water broke at 9:45 a.m. and my little treasure was born at 13:56. Not bad for a first baby! The delivery went very well and the medical personnel were very surprised to see how fast I gave birth naturally to my little baby. During my labor, I applied the techniques of relaxation and hypnosis I had learned and am convinced that it helped me a lot.

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience you helped me live through.

Julie, mother of Etienne

Baby Etienne

A fabulous experience: On May 3rd 2006, Arnaud, our little treasure was born in a calm and serene atmosphere. This unique and beautiful experience was even better than what Luc and I had imagined.

We had the best set-up: First, we had chosen a very competent and devoted Doula. Then, we had chosen a hospital which is open-minded. Most of all, by choosing Dr Nathalie Fiset, we felt supported in our desire to give birth naturally. Furthermore, Dr Fiset created the Hypno-Beginning © method for a comfortable birth. This technique greatly helped my labor while lowering the level of discomfort and enjoying every minute of this fabulous journey.

Thank you,


Hello Nathalie,

Like you asked us, we are providing you with our appreciation of the Hypno-Beginning program. In short: it is awesome!!! We did not have any pre-conceived idea regarding the birth of our son, all we wanted was a natural and calm birth. Well, we got what we asked for, and much more! To be able to live the birth of your baby in a calm, natural environment and without requiring any pain medication is the best gift a woman can give herself. I admit I was a little skeptical at first but now I am a firm believer that anyone who strongly believe in their inner power hold the capacity to go in deep hypnosis whenever needed. I want to thank you for creating this program. With your hard work, you give everyone the possibility to live the birth of their dream.

Andre, Melanie and William xxx


June 2006

For my first delivery (I am already thinking of the future ones!), I had the great joy and total satisfaction to have reached two major objectives: to give birth without medication...and fear. A record for someone with years of worries and negative programming...All this thanks to the incredible Hypno-Beginning© method developed by dr Nathalie Fiset. I want to also thank Josette Charpentier, our fantastic Doula and the incredible medical team at Anna Laberge hospital.

Alex, Samuel and the little Sacha


Hi Nathalie!

"Hypnosis has been for me an unforgettable experience that allowed me to be well prepared for the great day of the birth of my baby. I have acquired self-confidence, serenity and calm during the last weeks of my pregnancy that I had not experienced during the birth of my first baby.

Hypnosis helped me, during my labor, to stay in control and be one with my baby and my own body thus making the birth easier. My labor went faster, and especially more efficiently and most important, the birth was softer and more serene."

Thank you, thank you Nathalie and looking forward to see you soon!

Marie-Christine xx

I used to be frightened giving birth. Now I enjoy an entirely different view of this glorious event. Every woman should know about the magic of hypnosis for childbirth.

I was able to enjoy the wonderful powers of this method when I saw the incredible reactions from the nurse and the doctor. My entire labor lasted only four hours and I didn't need the epidural at all. Before learning the Hypno-Beginning program, I thought it was inconceivable to give birth without screaming and suffering.

Thanks to Thania, my instructor, I had a peaceful and pain-free birth. I was just so delighted to take my baby in my arms and fully live the moment.

Thank you so very much Thania,
Sarah St-Louis, mother of Lyanna

Sarah St-Louis

My delivery...

When I think back to the birth of my baby, I cannot help but be amazed at how fast and easily I was able to control the pain with my self-hypnosis techniques. Thanks to my Doula, Josette Charpentier, I entered hypnosis rapidly when the active labor started. Every contraction, I was able to let go and enter a deep state of relaxation while listening to the gold CD.

When I arrived at the hospital, the doctors were impressed to realize how calm and in control I was. Even during the pushing phase, I was able to stay focused and calm. I was the most blessed mother possible when my husband put our little girl on my belly.

Sonia and Jasmin proud parents of Anouk


Simply "Fantastic"!

My delivery went very fast. Since the hospital was an hour away, I had most of my contractions in the car. I was able to take-off in self-hypnosis and be serene. Once I arrived in my hospital room, I focused on a white light and was able to go deeply relaxed. Hypnosis gave me the energy in the end to push and feel very good, even if it was three a.m. I will cherish these moments.

Isabelle and Augustin Beloeil

Isabelle Beloeil

Hi Nathalie,

I want to thank you for the Hypno-Beginning program. It not only helped me prepare for the great adventure of becoming a mother. It also kept me calm and serene during my labor and birth.

Thank you!
Gabrielle and Baby Matthieu

Dear Dr. Fiset,

Very many thanks for attending the birth of our son, David.

I found the Hypno-Beginning CDs were a wonderful way to prepare for childbirth. I really enjoyed the relaxations I practiced in the final weeks of pregnancy. I experienced absolute serenity on the long drive to the hospital (while in labor.). My son was born naturally and the delivery was much easier than my first one (without hypnosis). I experienced a very rapid recovery, as did my son. He has been a remarkably content baby thus far - and we are all very pleased with his good "beginning".

Thank you sincerely,
-Johanna Griffith

Johanna Griffith


I want to thank you for your hypnosis CD's. I've been so satisfied with them that I have purchased multiple CD's.

For a few years I had a very dark look on life. Since I started listening to your CD's, my life has changed tremendously. Now my days are filled with rainbows and anticipation.

I used to have trouble just walking down the street because I was so shy. Now I stop to enjoy the flowers.

Thank you for everything!

June 2006:

My labor lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes. This was my first baby. What can I say about this amazing event? It happened in such calm and perfect harmony that I was amazed. The birth was like the one I had always dreamed of: natural, calm and fast. I never stopped focusing on my baby during every contraction. I was very relaxed which allowed my body to accomplish its job quickly. I was living in the moment.

Thank you Dr. Fiset for this marvelous approach that enabled me to live an extraordinary birth.

Mental power is the most powerful machine we possess. I now have the proof and I will apply these techniques for the rest of my life.

Thank you!


July 18th, 00:16

Our little Hector is born ... in "perfectharmony".

A perfect birth, as much for his parents as for himself. This little man was born in peace and quietness. Happiness was palpable!

I wanted to live this birth in the most natural possible way...in full control of what I was experiencing. I discovered Hypno-Beginning© and I succeeded! My spouse and I lived an incredible experience. Six little hours of amazement spend realizing the power and beauty of life. The human body is an incredible machine! Giving life is a natural function for it...you only have to trust your body and the magic happens!!

Thank you Nathalie for giving us the keys to live this birth in "aperfectharmony" We are already looking forward to our fourth baby...! Thanks a lot!

Catherine, Jean-Sebastien, Marie-Soleil, Sara-Maude and Hector xxx

The birth of my little angel

Thank you Nathalie for helping me discover hypnosis! One evening, after a long walk, my contractions started no rest as they were already strong. By luck, I had my MP3 player with me. Same thing in the car: no pain. Just your voice Nathalie quietly on my player, was indispensable and I was able to stay calm and focused.

The nurses were amazed at the hospital. I was aware of every moment and I remember every minute of my labor. I was able to walk and talk, laugh and take baths with no umbearable pain.

Wow! it was truly fantastic. Finally, our little angel was born - a perfect little baby, calm and so beautiful. He is always happy and smiling and he even sleeps at night!

Hypnosis helped me live a wonderful experience!

Looking forward to seeing you again for my third baby. Genevieve, mother of Benjamin and Raphael

The self-hypnosis classes helped me prepare for a truly natural childbirth. The classes gave me confidence and lifted my fears and apprehensions of the pain associated with contractions. It is a tool that helps to relax and much more too!
I had a long labor but I was able to go through it without any epidural, cesarean or any other medical intervention thanks to self-hypnosis. When I felt like I could not make it, I simply listened to the Gold CD and it gave me the strength I needed through the hours.
Nathalie Cavezalli

I was really scared of giving birth. In fact, I was scared of the pain and had a terrible fear of needles!! I just loved our Hypno-Beginning© preparatory sessions which helped me relax deeply and rapidly.
As for the birth, we arrived at the hospital around 9 p.m. and four hours and a half later, I had my baby boy in my arms. Everything went well. My spouse actively participated in the birthing process. Everything went as we hoped.
Thank you Thania for accompanying us in this marvelous journey.This provided us with a powerful tool for life: "HYPNOSIS". Thank you for everything. I recommend hypnosis to every woman who desire a natural childbirth and a fast recovery. I am still amazed by the power of the subconscious mind!!!

Marie-Claude, Eric and baby William

I was afraid to be hypnotized in the beginning. In fact, my biggest fear was that I would not be able to go in hypnosis when the moment of the birth arrived.

Luckily, all went very well. The birth of my second daughter happened in a very gentle and calm way. Even my spouse was amazed. He had seen me suffer for the birth of my first daughter Jade and now he witnessed my relaxation for the birth of Arielle. I can say that my labor went very well, that the pain was minimized and that I was able to relax completely between contractions. The Hypno-Beginning© program has been a great experience that will keep helping me in the future.

Thank you very much Dr Nathalie (this is how my daughter calls you affectionately)

France, mother of Jade 2 years old and Arielle 4 months

We prepared the same way for each of my three births, for each to be a natural event. I was ready to live this experience calmly and in happiness, with a clear mind and a replaxed body. This third birth happened and it was a peak, wherein I was able to completely master (not control) the situation; the labour was so peaceful that the nurse though I was asleep, but I was in constant communication with my innerself and with my baby that I could feel within me. It was a very very happy experience; yes, I did fell the pain but it was a good inner feeling. With a program like Hypno-Beginning© all women can achieve the birth they aspire to; this program makes the whole birthing process beautiful, natural and fulfilling.

Michèle Boudreau, Mario Hache's wife and mother of Simon, Marika and Noah

The Hypno-Beginning© program helped me to return to the basis of life and reconnect with my natural instincts; simply believe, want and allow yourself to give birth peacefully. My labor started and I was able to get in touch with my natural birthing instincts and I surprised myself by developing my own breathing and mental imaging. I just knew I had the capacities within me and it all happened in front of my own eyes.

Giving birth is an experience filled with a mixture of feelings including uncertainty and challenge. Some might think that hypnosis distances the mother from the actual birth experience but the opposite actually happens. You become totally immersed in the birth process and you are the principal actor in this wonderous experience. You surprise yourself as you push this wonderful new baby into the world sealing forever this moment in your life!

Thank you Nathalie for your calm and trust but foremost thank you for keeping things simple. Thank you Josette for your support, your friendship and your devotion!

Genevieve,Nicolas and Jules

I feared the birth but I knew deep down that I could trust myself in this natural sequence of events. Hypno-Beginning© gave me the tools to reinforce my confidence. The birth happened very naturally in a calm,soft and very respectful environment. Mommy was serene, Daddy was confident and living the experience to its fullest. What a great way to be born!

Fanie,Vincent and Emyloup

My first delivery was a deception for me. It was long, painful and almost overmedicated. For this second pregnancy, I decided to put everything to my advantage, to be well prepared, to choose my hospital and my doctor that respected my beliefs and hopes. I read a testimonial of someone who used hypnosis for childbirth and was conquered. What a beautiful way to give birth without pain, calmly and softly! I even thought I was going to the hospital for a false alarm but my labor was well in progress. I lived a beautiful and fast childbirth, without pain and medication, almost like a dream...

Julie, Mathieu and baby Rose-Anne

Hi Nathalie
I want to explain to you about my birth experience with Hypno-Beginning©.The whole night long I had contractions that were 5 minutes apart & I was able to control the pain with my CDs. At 11:00a.m. After twelve hours of contractions each five minutes, I was really tired, having had very little sleep the night before. At 3:34 p.m. Baby Rosalie arrived. I can say that the Hypno-Beginning CD's helped me during a good part of my labor. I wil most definitely use the hypnosis technique during my next delivery.
Thank you for everything. Your programme really helped me.

Stephanie and Baby Rosalie

I felt that my wife needed me more for the birth of our son Mathis. She was asking me to help her with anchoring during the stronger periods of her labor. It actually helped me get more involved and useful. I was glad to be of more help than just bringing cold face cloths. She was way more in control of the situation and calm, thanks to this well organized and structured program. Our little baby was born very fast and peacefully once the water had ruptured, about half an hour after to my great amazement! We were very happy to welcome our new son and the mother was not too tired and enjoyed spending time with her new born on her belly, finally! This program is really an asset for fathers as much as for mothers. I am very glad I got to live the Hypno-Beginning© experience!
To sum it up, when all goes well with the Hypno-Beginning© program, it is more the doctor than the father who feels helpless!
What a fantastic day!
What a revelation this Hypno-Beginning© program! As for most of us, birth was compared to a marathon, a great suffering experience! I now can say after Mathis's birth that any woman who feels ready, with the support of her spouse, to give birth under her own terms must join the Hypno-Beginning© program. Thank you Gerard (hypnotherapist) to have helped us use this tool!
Cathy Blanchet St-Faustin

Emma was born with the Hypno-Beginning© program on 22 February 2007.

This is simply a fabulous program and I want to say a big Thank You for creating this self hypnosis program - it is simple and efficient. Whereas my first labour was 22 hours, this second one went much faster with hypnosis and the expectations I had concerning the program went well beyond anything I had imagined.

I highly recommend the Hypno-Beginning© self help hypnosis program for childbirth to everyone who wants to experience a controlled and natural childbirth.

Thank you again for the dedication to your work.

Stéphanie Bachard